How to Get Rid of Locust Borer [4 Simple Steps]


Locust Borer is a fungus that feeds on plants that are infected by a different type of fungus called the Fusarium species. The fungus that attacks trees, especially the ones that are located in the forest and are mostly found on the leaves are the most common ones.

There are a variety of other fungi that cause decay to your tree and vine leaves. Which are also referred to as black rot and the most common being the Fusarium species. As long as these fungi do not grow, the damage done by them to trees can be minimal.

What happens is that the fungus that causes black rot infects the tree’s vascular tissues. When this happens, the tree can no longer absorb the moisture from the air and this will result to rotting of the affected leaves and even dead trees. When this fungus grows on the affected trees, they will start to rot quickly and will eventually kill the tree.

If the infection occurs too early, the tree may have time to recover. It does not mean though that if the infection occurs later that it is already too late. This is because the fungus can still grow on the tree until the weather gets warmer.

So, how to get rid of locust borer? The first thing that you need to do is to isolate the infected area from the rest of the tree. You can do this by cutting away all the infected leaves so that the infected area will no longer have access to air.

Once you have cut away all the infected leaves and branches, the next step in learning how to get rid of locust borer is to apply fungicide to the affected areas. Fungicide is an anti-fungal agent that you can use to kill the fungi that have already formed. You can also use this if you see that there is no sign of recovery yet.

One last tip on how to get rid of locust borer is to also make sure that you have enough water. in your containers to keep the fungus moist enough so that you can kill them faster. Another way to kill them fast is to use a chemical treatment such as hydrochloric acid that can penetrate the infected area.

How to Get Rid of Locust Borer is not hard

How to get rid of locust borer is not hard, as long as you know how to apply the right treatment. Follow the steps above and you can be sure that you will be able to get rid of the infection soon.

To kill the fungus, you can use one of the following methods; diatomaceous earth, or silver thioglycolate. These are the most commonly used insecticides today.

Another tip on how to get rid of locust borer is to get rid of all the diseased parts such as the roots. This will help to speed up the rate of your treatment.

One other way on how to get rid of locust borer is to use anti-fungal treatment that will not harm the tree. If you have a severe infestation of these bugs, then you can use the chemical treatment that is available commercially available.

To help prevent more infestations, it is better to check on the location that the infested tree is located. This is to prevent it from spreading.

How to get rid of locust borer is really very easy once you know how to do it correctly. Follow these simple tips and you will be able to prevent it for good.