How to Get Rid of Lice in Thick Curly Hair


In mid-March, my daughter received a call from her teacher at her school announcing that she had received a report stating that children in her Kindergarten classroom had lice. First of all, this school had received several complaints in the past few years about lice infestations.

And they did an extensive inspection of the classrooms to find lice infestation. Unfortunately, half way through the school year only a handful of children had lice.

Parents were told to conduct a head check on their child in order to see if lice had infested the scalp.

Note: There are also other irritating insects that have physical affects on the body.

Naturally, I was terrified and didn’t want to panic my little girl. To the mother who took the lead, I’d like to say thank you.

How to get rid of lice

My husband had gone out early in the morning and picked up a book on how to get rid of lice. He took it to the house and started reading through the pages. Then he started telling me how much better this book was.

In particular, he talked about how this book taught him how to identify the right areas to treat.

So, I began to look for information on how to get rid of infestations in schools. I found a couple different books. I decided on the first one that I liked and read that until I was ready to throw it away, so I could focus on something else.

As soon as I got the book finished and put it away, I started thinking about how I would approach this lice infestation in my own home. I went on to talk about the importance of a scalp hygiene program and a good shampoo. I also talked about how lice can spread through clothing, so I was careful to keep that area clean.

I then looked over my head and realized that my daughter was wearing a long hair style. so I was going to wash her hair with soap and shampoo. The shower went well, but after a couple of minutes I noticed that her hairline was becoming dry and sticky. After I was done with my task, I looked again. Her head was completely coated with lice.

I was worried because I had forgotten to dry her hair. Then I remembered that I had not gotten her hair dryers set on low. So I turned them on and left the shower running to dry her hair, which was still damp.

Within a few days, the infestation disappeared and her hairline was dry and shiny once more. Once she went to bed, I discovered that her scalp was clear and it was even oiled. I was glad that I had gotten her the help she needed. Now that I know how to get rid of Lice in Curly Hair, I’m sure that I will use that information when lice infestations occur in the future.

Another problem that I had with my sister was her hairline. She would take showers in the same hot and humid room all the time because she didn’t like the heat from her dryer. Every time she took a shower, I would notice that her hairline was oily and clumpy because her head was being kept in a confined space.

I decided that I needed to know how to get rid of lice infestation in thicker curly hair before I got my daughter’s head to get dirty. I tried to get her to try a shampoo that is for oily hair. This worked for awhile, but she still had an oily scalp.

So now I’m looking at ways to remedy that for my thick hair. I have a couple of things that I did before I even decided to use shampoos. If you don’t mind spending a little extra, I would suggest you check out the website.

When you have a head lice infestation, you need to learn how to get rid of lice in thicker curly hair. You should also keep your hair clean. That way you will stop lice from coming back, so you can enjoy having beautiful head full of hair instead of a headache each time you shower.