How To Get Rid Of Boxelder Bugs


Boxelder bugs are a type of pest that like to stay in groups and camp in places with warm temperatures. When these bugs invade your home or room, it’s a nuisance. Want to know how to get rid of boxelder bugs from your compound? Let’s get into it.

In this article, we have some of the top ways to get rid of boxelder bugs.

Using the wrong approach to eliminate the boxelder bugs from your house can cost you both money and time. These pests are different than other insects. That is why it is crucial to do some research.

Safety Note: Before you decide to try any of the methods below, ensure you wear protective clothing such as gloves, boots, and any other essential protective garment.

How To Get Rid Of Boxelder Bugs? [Top 6 Ways]

1. Wash the surfaces infected by the pests using dish soap

One of the very best remedies to get rid of the boxelder bug is to clean the surfaces that have the bugs using the soap dishwater. One common trend of boxelder bugs is that they like staying in a group. That makes killing them an easy task. That is because you do not need to look for each boxelder bug separately. You can use a soft piece of cloth to rub those surfaces to ensure you kill all the bugs. Using scented soap dishwater will help you get rid of all the boxelder bugs.

2. Seal the doors and windows

Sealing the holes and other gaps on doors and the windows is another very essential way to get rid of the boxelder bugs. That is because they use some openings on doors and windows to get into your room. You need to know that the boxelder bugs do not like staying on the cold temperatures from the environment and thus end up getting into your room. Therefore, by ensuring all the gaps get sealed well, you will minimize the chances of those bugs entering your room. Many people who make a mistake of killing the boxelder bugs and forget to seal those openings always experience problems since the bugs keep coming to their rooms.

3. Vacuum the box elders bugs

Vacuuming the boxelder bugs is another useful way of getting rid of those bugs from your house. Avoid killing those bugs in your home because they will leave an awful smell. Use the vacuum to remove them from your house while they are alive. After you have pushed them to the distant place from your house before you spray the best insecticide or a scented soap dish to kill them. After killing them, now use the remaining soapy water to clean the areas where you removed them.

4. Spray the bugs using soapy water

To clear the boxelder bugs from your compound, you need to kill them from their habitat. That means you extend the services to the places where they hide, such as in the neighboring trees. Soapy water helps to kill those bugs. You need to ensure the water contains enough scented soap to help in easy killing of the bugs.

5. Replace the cover plates

There are various things that the boxelder bugs can use to get into your house. Some of those things are such as the inlet air duct, return air ventilation, switch boxes, and many more. Therefore you need to cover those places well in such a way that the bugs cannot squeeze on them to get into your room. Consider replacing some plates that have considerable gaps to allow the insects to squeeze to your room.

6. Trim or remove the elder trees around

When there are many trees around the compound, bugs can hide on those trees. Later at night, they will get their way to your house. Therefore you need to ensure you do not give them a chance to get close to your home. Therefore ensure you remove the elder trees around your house or trimming the leaves and branches that are close to your house.

Therefore by trimming the trees around, replacing the cover plates, spray the bugs using scented soapy water, vacuum the bugs, and other discussed ways, you will be able to get rid of the boxelder bugs. The above-discussed ideas have helped many people to get rid of the boxelder bugs.